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All about the Express Entry System of Canada

The hasty way to enter Canada through any immigration pathway of Canada is the Express Entry system. This program was launched back in 2015 by the federal government of Canada to abolish its then prevalent concept of first come first served.

It is an online tool of the IRCC to administer all the applications received for Canadian immigration. Under this, skilled workers lying under the category of FSWP, CEC, and FSTC are eligible to apply. The eligibility of all these programs varies but are designed on the basis of CRS. 

How does applying through Express Entry benefit you?  

  • Express Entry looks for potential skilled immigrants specialized in their respective industries. This eliminates the entry of immigrants that do not contribute to the economy.   
  • Express Entry is a virtual setup offered to all applicants which is cost and time effective. 
  • The availability of Express Entry has reduced the number of backlogs because it already provides the minimum CRS scores which cuts off the ineligible applicants.   
  • Although the IRCC has increased the targets of Express Entry applicants by 2022. In this way more immigrants can take the advantage of this opportunity.  

Comprehensive Ranking System

The score method of the Express Entry is called CRS. This is a government-based scoring method to rank the immigrants of the FSWP, FSTP, and CEC categories.   

This CRS score is extracted by adding points assigned to various factors like human capital, the age of the applicant, spousal factor, availability of foreign work experience, educational qualification from any Canadian province and provincial nomination, etc.   

Least CRS score required in 2022

Any aspirant has to score a minimum of 67 points which are given out of 100. Scoring 67 points don’t grant you a Canadian PR but give you the eligibility to apply for the Express Entry.   

After this, the immigrant is marked with a CRS score which is out of 1200.   

Ways to increase your CRS score

  • Applying for the PNP- It is one of the best methods for hiking your CRS score. Obtaining a provincial nomination from any of the Canadian provinces rewards you with an additional 600 points that can definitely increase your CRS score to great extent. 
  • Increasing the IELTS score- Another way to increase the overall CRS score is to do well in the IELTS test. Any immigrants can easily be rewarded with 136 CRS points if they score CLB 9 in the language section of the IELTS. 
  • Through spousal factor- If your spouse or your significant other is based in Canada, then additional points are rewarded to the applicant. It can be a great move to let the partner with the ability to score proceed first to apply. 
  • Job offer- Any professional, after getting a job offer, can level up your CRS score by 200 points. 
  • Education- Completing any program from any Canadian-based institution can add points to your CRS score. Any program of at least a duration of 1 year can add up to 8 points to your CRS score. 


Express Entry draw is conducted by the Canadian government to call immigrants clearing the specified criteria. Thus, the approval of clearing the criteria is determined by the CRS score. Also, there are various reward points given to the immigrants. Like provincial nomination, spousal factor, etc. 


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