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With Uganda Budget Safaris, you may embark on an inner trip to see mountain gorillas in the wild and take part in wildlife safaris that include the Big Five creatures in several Uganda national parks. Uganda safaris to national parks, such as Kidepo Valley National Park, the only place in Uganda to see the cheetah, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, known for gorilla trekking, the historic Rwenzori Mountains, a World Heritage Site, etc.

Welcome to Dav Safaris, a leading provider of safari vacations in East Africa. Private safaris planned by our knowledgeable team will be led by top-notch local tour guides.

Our safaris showcase the best activities in Uganda, such as gorilla trekking, untamed life safaris, mountaineering, and more. Due to our extensive experience, we have selected a good selection of camping and safari lodge locations where you may have an overnight stay during your Uganda Safari Tours. When booking an Affordable Uganda Safari, there are not many variables to take into account. Below, we’ve covered some of the things to think about when scheduling an Uganda Budget Safari.

What To Consider When Booking A Budget Uganda Safari

Tour Operator

Going with a high-profile company or using a travel agent is a mistake you should never make. High-profile travel companies will always charge you an absurd price for a tour since they have built a brand. On the other side, a travel agent will likewise want to earn from your safari.

Online operator searches are your best option. Alternatively, you can make a reservation with one of these suggested trekking companies.

Choose a company that is established in Rwanda or Uganda if you plan to make a reservation. Any business outside of Rwanda and Uganda, including those in Kenya and Tanzania, should not be used to arrange your gorilla safari.

The best price will be provided by the local tour operators because they typically have low overhead costs.


If you want to experience both the savannah and the rainforest without having to travel across borders, Uganda is the ideal location for low-cost safaris. Being a more accessible alternative by many, fewer people in the park and hotels, and other benefits are just a few of the many things visiting Uganda offers.


Lodges for gorilla safaris are essential to your trip. We advise you to reserve a comfortable place to stay. Booking lodgings that are too inexpensive will ruin your holiday; do not let your tour operator do this. After a day of trekking, you return to your lodge to relax, and if your lodging is uncomfortable, you won’t take full advantage of your trip.

Safari Vehicle

A Land Cruiser often costs $250 to $300 a day, whereas a safari van is typically quoted at $100. This varies depending on the tour operator you choose, as some charge less. However, the price listed above is typical for the sector.

Choose a safari van, preferably a really bespoke one. Sometimes, these vehicles are intended to be more comfortable than land cruisers.

Ensure that they are 4-wheel drive and not 2-wheel. A 4WD safari car is strongly advised because Ugandan roads can occasionally become muddy.

Number of Days

You’ll spend less the fewer days you have. A 5- to 10-day safari cannot be the same price as a 2- to 3-day safari. Booking a 3 days Gorilla Trekking Uganda from Kigali is an excellent alternative and one you should think about if seeing gorillas is your main goal. Because of its close proximity to Kigali, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has made it simpler for visitors to land in Kigali, and make a transfer to Bwindi on the same day, trek gorillas, and then return to Kigali the same day. By doing this, you can see gorillas in two days on a tight budget.

Where You Arrive From

It costs a little bit to travel from Uganda. Only flights that arrive before 07:00 hours can arrive and transfer to Bwindi on the same day.

In addition, we wouldn’t advise doing this. Imagine taking a flight that lasts 6 to 8 hours, arriving, and then traveling another 8 to 10 hours to get to Bwindi. In either case, you’ll need to spend a day or two in Kampala or Entebbe before making the connection to Bwindi the next day.

This is expensive because you’ll have to pay for lodging, meals, an airport transfer, and any additional charges that could come up.

So from where shall, you depart? The best option is to fly into Kigali and then drive to Bwindi. With a stopover, the travel time from Kigali to Bwindi is only 4 to 5 hours. You won’t have to pay for lodging the first night because you can arrive and transfer to Bwindi on the same day.

These are only a few of the factors we examine while organizing an Uganda Budget Safari for our clients. Other considerations include transportation options, the kind of travel papers needed, any recommended vaccinations, safety, and many more. We provide well-articulated Uganda travel advice, so you won’t forget any equipment or necessities on your trip.

In conclusion, Dav Safaris is a Ugandan-based tour and safari company founded to provide travelers traveling to Uganda with enriching African vacation experiences. You are invited to take advantage of some of the specials on Uganda Safari Tours from one of the best leading companies in Uganda.

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