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Looking for The Best Tropical Vacation Spot

By Ian SG Smith

This article has been written because the author is fed up of the same places being named as the best tropical vacation spots in the world. Writers need to see beyond the likes of the Seychelles and St Lucia when it comes to recommending places to go. It is important not to be negative here, so I have a number of suggestions for the best tropical vacation spot.

There are several alternatives that I would like to suggest to you. It is likely you will know one or two of them, but not many I hope. Naturally you may not agree with me, but that is just my opinion and yours. I don’t know what your ideal tropical vacation spot must have a beach, preferably of soft white sand, a blue green clear sea, a coral reef, a blue sky, a gentle breeze and rich green leaves on the trees, probably coconut palms.

In the first instance let us look at the Lakshadweep Islands.

You will find them approximately three hundred kms from the southwest Indian coast and are a total getaway from our busy lives Like the Maldives in that they are coral atolls, the difference is they are like the Maldives were before tourism and the fact that there is a need for permits. Are you an adventurer as opposed to being packaged then you will just adore it. This has to be one of the most stunning vacation spots you could go to and not touched by tourism and with any luck it won’t change Maybe your totally best tropical vacation spot ever?

Coming along second is Los Roques which is a place you may not have heard of. Situated in the Southern Caribbean, about 80 miles north of Caracas Venezuela, and well south of the hurricane belt, this almost people free atoll is in fact a national park. You will find only one town, 850 square miles of beautiful beaches, turquoise lagoons, and teeming reefs. no ugly developments and condominiums just miles of white sand and sublimely clear turquoise water This is what it must have been like in the Caribbean in the days before it became invaded by tourists Getting there it is a 35 minute flight from Caracas, and you will have found the most fantastic tropical vacation spot imaginable.

To suit this article I am adding Cayo Espanto although strictly speaking it is a private island resort and should be excluded. I am putting it in because tropical vacation spots are all about dreams. This small island named Cayo Espanto is in Belize off Ambergris Caye and about three miles from San Pedro. You get there by boat from San Pedro, a journey of about three miles and close to Ambergris Caye in Belize. It has only a few villas. Cayo Espanto is tiny, exclusive, and stayed at quite often by top people who demand privacy. Your dream might be unattainable right now, but who knows what can occur

Naturally you can find many other special tropical vacation spots, but had you heard of any of these three. Well done if you had, if you haven’t then check out on the internet for your best tropical vacation spot.

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