Traverc V5A4839-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Postcards from Antarctica

These days Antarctica photos aren’t as hard to come by as they used to be. 

Nothing can compare to the wild and untamed grandeur that is Antarctica. Here vast white mountains drop down to the sea, icebergs the size of islands slowly drift past your ship, and the wind is so strong it can knock you over.

There’s actually a lot to see in Antarctica. The Antarctic Peninsula — where most tourists go — is a continuation of the Andes Mountains from South America, meaning it’s quite mountainous. Peaks often rise out of the ocean, interspersed by enormous glaciers. It’s one of the most pristine places on Earth, in no small part because it’s mostly untouched by humans.

Antarctica is full of surprises.

Traverc V5A4839-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Gentoo penguins are one of the most common penguins we see on the Antarctic Peninsula

Traverc 017A7558-copy Postcards from Antarctica

At the beginning of the season (November), there’s a lot more sea ice and icebergs

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When I say that Antarctica will change your life, I mean it. I returned in December from guiding my first trip down to the last continent with my friends at Chimu Adventures (and Intrepid) on one of my favorite ships, the Ocean Endeavour!

In fact, I loved it so much I’ve agreed to host more trips to Antarctica to South Georgia. Antarctica is my happy place, and South Georgia is oEarth’sof the most incredible and remote  Earth. I’ve done seven polar expeditions to date, and I’m so passionate about sharing this part of the world with other like-minded, curiousJoinme join me on the adventure of a lifetime and save up to 40% with my exclusive discounts. After the chaos of the past few years, it’s never been a better time to disconnect and head down to the most amazing place on Earth.

Here are some of my favorite Antarctica photos I took on my last trip down to the white continent – enjoy!

Traverc V5A4003-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Port Lockroy is a former Antarctic base located along a scenic bay on Goudier Island – this is the most snow I’ve ever seen there

Traverc V5A7461-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Seeing large penguin colonies is one of the best parts of the trip

Traverc V5A8045-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Two humpback whales in front of our ship, the Ocean Endeavour

Traverc V5A7829-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Weddell seals live around Antarctica in the Southern Ocean – you tend to see more later in the season when the pups are older

Traverc V5A4421-copy Postcards from Antarctica

The blue of the ice in Antarctica is incredibly striking

Traverc V5A4147-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Kayaking is one of the add-ons you can choose on the trips

Traverc V5A4765-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Traverc 017A8062-copy Postcards from Antarctica

My last group was amazing; we’re all still friends!

Traverc V5A3858-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Watching albatross as we cross the iconic Drake Passage from Argentina to Antarctica

Traverc V5A7981-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Chinstrap penguins are the most abundant penguin, with a population estimated at 7.5 million breeding pairs

Traverc V5A4830-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Gentoo penguins returning home from sea

Traverc V5A7799-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Snowshoeing is an optional experience at the beginning of the season when there’s still a lot of snow. And this is one of my favorite Antarctica photos from this trip too

Traverc V5A3965-copy Postcards from Antarctica

A gentoo penguin carrying a rock home to build its nest – penguins often steal each other’s rocks, which is pretty funny to watch

Traverc V5A7458-copy Postcards from Antarctica

The Antarctic Peninsula has some of the most dramatic scenery of the continent 

Traverc V5A7792-copy Postcards from Antarctica

The blue-eyed shag is the only Antarctic bird to keep a year-round nest

Traverc V5A4292-copy Postcards from Antarctica

There’s often a lot more snow at the beginning of the season v.s the end

Traverc V5A4810-copy Postcards from Antarctica
Traverc V5A4976-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Traverc V5A7719-copy Postcards from Antarctica

There are often a few hike options when we go to land, varying in difficulty 

Traverc 12-2022-20-19-48-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Everyone sleeps onboard the ship with a few excursions to land or cruise around the water per day via zodiac boats 

Traverc V5A7912-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Adelie penguins are another species of penguins we sometimes see in Antarctica

Traverc 017A7203-copy Postcards from Antarctica

We often visit some of the historic huts and research stations once used on the Antarctic Peninsula

Traverc V5A4236-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Returning to their colonies, penguins often leap out of the water like rockets

Traverc V5A4453-copy Postcards from Antarctica

A tabular iceberg is an iceberg that has broken off from an ice shelf in Antarctica, often with nearly vertical sides and flat tops, and can be over 100 kilometers long

Traverc V5A7641-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Gentoo penguins are the only penguin species whose population is growing on the Antarctic Peninsula

Traverc 017A7134-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Spotted inside one of the historic huts are great tales from the golden age of polar exploration

Traverc V5A4998-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Early in the season, you might be the first to set foot on pristine landing sites

Traverc 017A7322-copy Postcards from Antarctica

Most trips give the option of doing a polar plunge, a bucket list activity for many 

Traverc V5A4782-copy Postcards from Antarctica

The Arctic and Antarctic glaciers account for nearly 70% of the world’s freshwater supply

Traverc V5A4045-copy Postcards from Antarctica

The more affordable trips to Antarctica often are at the very beginning and end of the season (Oct/Nov and March)

Traverc 017A7496-copy Postcards from Antarctica

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