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Summer Routes Around Europe

By Iuliia Kobzareva

Summer is perhaps the best time to visit Europe. While the resorts of Southeast Asia are experiencing the rainy season, the Mediterranean coast attracts tourists from all over the world. Travel in Europe has also transformed: Vienna is in blossom, Barcelona is sparkling, Paris beckons!

Travel guides in this year recommend to look into the Balkans. And they say: the best place for holiday in June is Montenegro. In the next three months resorts are besieged by thousands of tourists, but in the first weeks of summer there is peace and quiet when the country was just getting ready for the beginning of tourist season. The most popular place for families with children is Budva and its surrounding villages, as well as an Island of St. Stefan. In the depths of the country there are several national parks, including the Durmitor, which has European largest and second largest in the world river canyon.


Croatia has one of the cleanest beaches in Europe, the abundance of coniferous forests on the coast, islands and national parks. However, there are not so many sandy beaches in Croatia. Most of them are pebble beaches. Middle Dalmatia Area enjoys the highest demand for family holidays. Holidays in Southern Dalmatia are the most expensive in Croatia. This region has the highest level of tourism infrastructure. The pearl of South Dalmatia and the whole country is Dubrovnik, where the wonderful sea vacation is combined with a rich nightlife. Tours to Croatia, with the exception of Dubrovnik, almost have identical prices ranging from Montenegro.


Sea holidays in Italy have no boundaries! One of the most interesting region is Liguria, with its magnificent resorts are a continuation of Riviera with the neighboring region of France. Here are opportunities to travel: there are Genoa, Milan, Pisa, and the principality of Monaco. One and a half to two hours by train, and you are in Nice and Cannes. The main and the most expensive resort in Liguria is the famous San Remo. The neighboring cities are considered to be calm and comfortable, and the price of leisure is significantly lower. For those traveling a half to two weeks it is recommended to combine sightseeing tour with sea holiday in Italy. Most travel agencies offer such programs for every taste: especially popular route is Rome + coast to choose from. Guided tours in Italy give a possibility to look at one of the most beautiful countries of the Old World in all its glory for a week.


Tours of “Golden Prague” in the fabled capital of the Czech Republic are available both on the plane and train. Sightseeing tour in Prague can be combined with a trip to neighboring Vienna, as well as in Dresden, Nuremberg, Munich and Budapest. In this case, the number of impressions is doubled. It is best to choose a tour with an internal move by train. Tours in Prague with day trips to these cities are not recommended to take: it leaves little time and energy for sightseeing. Perhaps one of the best combination of routes, covering several states, is a trip to the Benelux countries. Due to the small size of these states it is a beautiful opportunity to see several amazing beauty of cities in the shortest possible time. It is recommended to book ten-day tour with a visit to Amsterdam and internal Holland and Belgium, with an excursion to the fabulous Bruges and Luxembourg. Tours in Benelux are better to be booked with the maximum number of trips.

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