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The World’s Best Beaches – Copacabana, Matira Beach, and Many More

By Bea Metcalfe 

What’s the recipe followed by the world’s best beaches? Is it a width of a sandy bay, a popular, busy beach, or a secluded beach? For most of us, the best beaches are of soft white sand, with a crystal clear blue sea lapping in a gentle breeze, on which your worries waft away. Copacabana in Rio is probably the world’s most famous beach and is even mentioned in songs. Matira beach on Bora Bora has to be one of the most stunning beaches with great weather all year round.

The best beaches are all about escape, which holidays revolve around – other than the hotel, the most important part of many holidays is the beach, so it’s important to get the beach right, you’d better make sure it’s one of the world’s best beaches! When planning your holiday, think about what sort of best beaches you want to visit- because beaches come in many sandy flavors. Some are busy, so jam-packed with lilos and deckchairs and windbreakers that you will be hard-pressed to find space after ten o’clock in the morning. Others are remote and difficult to get to, but well worth it when you do. So be clear – and do your research.

Sand quality can be an important factor in deciding the world’s best beaches. The distance between Barbados and St Lucia may only be a few hundred miles, but one’s best beaches have black, volcanic sand, while the other’s best beaches have soft and white sand. Tarifa’s best beaches are windy beaches, so windy the sand can whip painfully around your legs – while Norfolk’s best beaches are low, flat, and wet beaches – ideal for riding and walking, but not so easy to swim from. Other considerations are things like is the hotel ‘near’ the beach, or on the beach? And is there a main road in front of it, between you and the beach? These factors can spoil the view of even the best beaches.

Given all this variety, there is of course no such thing as ‘the best beach in the world’ – though it’s fun to make lists. In any case, probably 95% of the world’s beaches are unknown to the journalists who write these lists. But the quest for the perfect beach remains a powerful pull for most of us. Go on holiday and find your own – and then let us know, if you can bear to share your secret…

Once you’ve consulted out the list and decided which of the world’s best beaches you’re heading for you need to pack. Most people pack their beach bag with a towel, flip flops, sunscreen, sunglasses, drinks, and a snack and wear or pack their swimmers, a hat, and something to change into. Other possible items include a book or magazine, a ball or bat of your choice, a surfboard, inflatable boats or other toys (these all carry their own safety warnings.), a frisbee, your dog, a wetsuit, a jet ski, an umbrella, a bucket and spade, a mask and snorkel, fins or flippers, your kite, a radio and an esky (cooler). Personally, I recommend a spare pair of underwear for the home journey – even the sand on the world’s best beaches gets everywhere., the travel review website has great information on the world’s best beaches []. Enjoy the famous Copacabana [] beach or the stunningly beautiful Matira Beach in Bora Bora.

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