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Things to See in Las Vegas While You’re Testing Your Luck

By Karina Popa  

The Basement: An Escape Room Experience

The Basement is a must-see for thrill seekers and fans of horror films. This started in Los Angeles and has paved the way for the development of other escape-room tourist attractions in the US. Guests are given 45 minutes to navigate their chosen room either the basement or the study to escape from the serial killer Edward Tandy, who loves tasting human flesh. There are tickets for those who want to go solo but it would be more fun with a group.

M&M World

Those who love chocolates and are young at heart will certainly love the M&M World that comes next to MGM Grand on the Vegas Strip. Everyone who passes by it will be captured by the aroma of chocolate as well as the bright colors found in the window. When visitors go inside, they will marvel at the four floors of candy displays, movie posters and souvenirs. Guests can also take home personalized M&Ms.

Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail Head

Las Vegas has some secrets that are best kept just like the Gold Strike Hot Springs. The springs is just a 40-minute drive out of the city and it provides visitors with a unique, transformative experience like a 4 mile (6.5 km) hike, which can be completed in around 3 hours though this is not for young kids or animals.

VooDoo Zipline

The Rio Hotel is where thrill seekers will find the VooDoo Zipline. For 23 hours a day and 7 days a week, they can get a one-of-a-kind view of the Vegas Strip via a thrill ride at the VooDoo Zipline that moves at 33 miles per hour (or 53 kilometers per hour). This takes off at VooDoo Lounge, allowing visitors to ride alone or with a companion and without any reservation.

The Cosmopolitan Pool

The Strip has pools that host remarkable pool parties but the Cosmopolitan pool is something that is exceptionally special. It remains open all through the year for hotel guests and to hold special events plus seasonal activities that are not found anywhere else. During summer time, there are “Dive-In Movies” series, which feature a range of current and classic films. To extend the festivities, the hotel offers a winter wonderland during the winter season, that has an ice rink, Christmas lights and s’mores.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden plus the Dolphin Habitat of Siegfried & Roy plays a special role in Vegas’ history. The sanctuary, which is located inside The Mirage on the Strip, has drawn millions of guest during its 27 years in existence. The habitat was founded by Siegfried and Roy, the famous magician team. This is where dolphins, lions, panthers and white tigers live and at an extra fee will allow guests to swim, paint and do yoga with the animals.

Dig This Las Vegas

In Sin City, Dig This Las Vegas is more than just an “adult’s playground”. This is an extremely wide dirt lot where teens and adults get to operate heavy-duty construction equipment without the risks that go with it. They can use the equipment on their own or with groups and experience how it is to stack tires, dig holes or destroy a vehicle, among others.

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