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Weekend Breaks to Malta

No visit to Malta would be complete without a visit to its elegant, walled city of Mdina and its suburb, Rabat, in the Old City. Mdina and Rabat are steeped more than 4000 years in history when they formed part of a Roman settlement. Walking through Mdina, one feels as if one has been transported in a time capsule to another era of bygone yesteryear. It was here, in AD 60, that the Apostle St Paul was rumored to have lived whilst shipwrecked in the Maltese Islands.

A silent city by day where automobiles are generally off-limits (more out of respect for the ghosts of the city), Mdina comes alive at night when hundreds of twinkling lamps and lanterns dotted within the walled interiors of the city transform the narrow, curved streets leading onto bastions and palace courtyards into something out of a fairytale. You can enjoy a delicious al-fresco meal at one of the countless restaurants of Mdina and enjoy a glass of chilled beer in any one of the bars under the glittering lights of this exotic walled city.

This old, medieval capital of Malta rises high above the Maltese Islands and offers panoramic vistas of the city. Many walking tours and scenic bus tours are available to discover the hidden delights of this magical city.

The Maltese Islands are at the very heart of the Mediterranean and are often referred to as the islands of sunshine and history. Less than a three-hour flight from the UK and with a good range of airlines such as Air Malta and GB Airways operating daily flights from Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Manchester, and Birmingham as well as low-cost carriers now operating from other regional airports, it has never been easier to get to Malta for a quick getaway or a longer holiday. Whether you’re after a weekend break or a fortnight in the sun, you’ll find it all on Malta specialists, Book your trip online and receive great savings on luxury hotels and cheap flights as well as a regular e-letter updating you on regular special free night offers, room upgrades, and heavily discounted holiday packages.

Once you’ve seen the ancient city of Malta and its walled city of Mdina, been done by some innocent-looking street vendor offering you a once-in-a-lifetime bargain, and relaxed on the soft honeycomb at Ghadira Bay… it’s then time to go diving! Malta offers amazing diving and water sports opportunities for both beginners and advanced open water and cave divers on its tiny, unspoiled island of Comino with its stunning blue lagoon. All visitors to Malta should take the time to visit the uninhabited island of Comino and the tranquil, green island of Gozo. Day trips to nearby Italian and Sicilian cities are very popular with tourists who can get there by car and passenger ferries.

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