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What To Plan, Pack, And Expect For Your First Ski Resort Vacation

By Morris Raymond

Usually, your winter travel plans may include long lines at the airport heading to someone’s parents maybe deciding to brave the elements and drive to your holiday destination. This year is different, though, and you’ve decided to recharge your batteries with your first ski resort vacation.

The crisp air, rustic settings, salt-of-the-earth town residents, and the newness of the whole experience are something to look forward to, but this is the first time you will be heading in this direction, so the question is — how do I prepare for it all?

There is no need to fret. As with any vacation, taking a little time to plan makes all the difference in the world. The key, though, is actually taking the time to do a little research regarding where you’re going, where you’ll spend the most time, and ultimately, what you plan to get out of your trip.

First, think about the most essential items you need to pack. Medications that you or your family will need should be high on your list. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a copy of prescriptions from your doctor in case you misplace your medicine & need to have it filled again. This all may seem a little too specific, but travel experts the world over have many stories to tell of family vacations and romantic getaways getting cut short due to a lack of necessary medication.

Next, think of the necessary toiletries. These are the ‘little things’ we tend to forget when planning a trip, so take the time to find out what you absolutely need, and, depending on your mode of travel, what you need to reassess based on travel restrictions. Travel experts point out that if you feel that the extra hassle of packing these items is something to avoid, call the ski resort you’ll be staying at and find out if they provide toiletries to their guests.

Of course, if you are traveling to a ski resort, you are undoubtedly traveling to a colder environment that involves snow and mountainous terrain. As you plan your attire, you need to think of dressing in layers. Certainly, protecting yourself from the winter cold is key, especially if you decide to get some skiing, snowboarding, and sledding done, but what happens when you’re off the slopes and hanging out in town? Not only does the change in elevation means a shift in temperature, but the indoors will usually be nice & toasty. Also, planning your clothing means thinking about what other plans you have for your trip. For example, if you decided to plan an evening of dinner & dancing while the kids stay back & watch a movie, you’ll need to think about how to best pack your nice clothing with your thermals.

Finally, when it comes to the equipment regarding your ski resort vacation, you need to plan how it will affect your overall travel experience. Travel blogs and resource sites are littered with stories of travelers that loved the actual vacation but would never travel there again due to the amount of gear carried both ways. Here is where the personal touch comes in. Call the resort and ask if they rent gear to guests. Sometimes they do, and if they don’t, they can guide you to the nearest, and most dependable, a place to get what you need.

Your first ski resort vacation is one that should be epic and life-changing in nature. A decision to branch out and try something new will no doubt bring you joy & excitement and a desire to get back there as soon as possible. With the right planning, your first ski resort getaway will not be your last.

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