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Why Vacationing Is Good for Your Health

By Tina Strange  

Just like exercising, there are many benefits of vacationing – especially, if you financially plan for it, and if it’s essentially free! Yes, I said, FREE!

Before we get to the FREE benefit, let’s examine 3 benefits of taking a vacation:

First benefit of vacationing – It is emotionally and mentally calming

As working adults with responsibilities caring for children, spouse, church or community activities, by the time you decide to take a vacation, you’re usually at your breaking point.

Most people, especially those who are committed and dedicated to their employer/organization, usually take on more responsibilities than need the body and mind can handle.

We have been immuned to say yes and volunteer for tasks and activities that we probably should say “no” to!

But because it is not politically correct to turn down assignments or requests, we pile too much on our plates, and as a result, we end up overwhelmed and mentally and emotionally fatigued. And, by the time we do decide to go on vacation, after our bosses have forced us to take some time off, we almost need to take a medical leave instead.

By taking a break away from the workplace and going on vacation, it can help you calm down and relax. Hopefully, you don’t take the job with you while on vacation.

The second benefit of going on vacation, it can create a closer bond and relationship between you and the spouse and/or children.

Again, as working adults carrying a full load at work, the family typically is put on the back burner. If the boss has a special project or last minute demands come through the pipeline… guess who has to be understanding and forgiving… yes, the family.

Though everybody may agree they understand, too many rain checks become result in furious storms. The spouses find themselves arguing and irritating over petty things, the kids become rebellious and unrecognizable and the only person or thing that may welcome you… are the pets. And even the, the pets may turn on you.

Vacation, yes, vacation can help build or rebuild the family dynamics. However, it will not be as smooth sailing as you’d like. You may have to do some extra sucking up to the kiddos and spouse. Go ahead… sing those traveling car songs. Suck it up and listen to all the long, extended version of a story you’ve heard probably more than times than you care.

The third, and last benefit of vacation is exciting when it’s FREE! Well, I can’t say 100% free, because you will have a few fees you’ll need to pay out-of-pocket, but compared to paying for the full stay… well, it’s basically a free vacation.

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