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Places To See in Seoul – South Korea

There’s nothing better than planning a vacation, especially one that you’re really excited about. You purchase your tickets, pack your packs, and afterward the best part: you start to wander off in daydream about your Trip as you plan your itinerary, making a rundown of the spots you must see while you’re far from home. As the lists gets longer, your Excitement grows, and before you know it’s a great time to go Seoul!!

With such a significant number of spots to visit, arranging a trip to Korea can be overwhelming. We have created a list of the top most Amazing attractions in seoul, South Korea as of 2018. These attractions are perfect for adding to your tour schedule!

1. N Seoul Tower

No outing to Seoul is finished without a trip to the famous N Seoul Tower. N Seoul Tower was the first of its kind – no other pinnacle like vacation destination had been built in Korea prior to its construction. The tower sits at 236 meters tall, which implies that while you’re at the best, you’re at the second most elevated point in the whole city.

While you’re visiting the Tower, there are an assortment of activities that will keep you occupied, so make sure you clear several hours for the trip. You’ll at first need to look at the perception decks, which give you a magnificent panoramic view of Seoul that makes for totally culminate photographs. While you’re on the deck, you’ll obviously need photographs of the city, however keep in mind to have a companion (or stranger/new friend) snap a photo of you with the city as a scenery to demonstrate to your friends back home!

2. Gyeongbokgung
If you ask the people you meet in Seoul what you absolutely must do with your time in the city, most will tell Gyeongbokgung Palace some place on their list ). This eminent royal residence was Built in 1395, so in addition to the fact that it is a standout amongst the most excellent man-made structures on the planet, it’s also over 600 years old!
This royal Palace is the biggest of the Five Grand Palaces, and accordingly, it’s a quintessential piece of Korean history. The Kings of the Joseon tradition lived in this royal Palace, and its design and architecture that – it is unmistakably fit for Royalty.
A little more than one hundred years back, Imperial Japan decimated the majority of the Places, which was wrecking for Korea. While it is still being restored up ’til today, it is a completely astonishing complex that will take you hours to see in its entirety. The complex is additionally home to two unique museums, The National Folk Museum and The National Palace Museum of Korea.

3. Submerged Tomb of King Munmu

Once you’ve gotten your fill of the city, Visit to the sea to look at the Underwater Tomb of King Munmu, a must-see tourist attraction in Korea. King Munmu was a ruler that lived right around 1,500 years back, and he is essential to Korean history because he unified three unique kingdoms, merging their power into one.
Why is he buried underwater, you ask? Trust it or not, he wanted it that way! King Munmu believed that if he were buried covered in the ocean after his demise, he would return as a dragon to protect the land he helped lead towards greatness.

Reasons Why You Should Visit South Korea

1. All year celebrations
Consistently, there are a greater number of celebrations in South Korea than one could Attend, a couple of main festivities everybody likes to participate in. At the point when the snow melts and the climate gets hotter, pink and white cherry blooms change South Korea into a magical wonderland for a small period towards the start of spring, and a large number of individuals come to see the blooms from everywhere throughout the nation. Buddha’s Birthday is another Major occasion celebrated in May with lantern parades and performances at nearby temples, while in fall, Koreans commend their own Version of Thanksgiving amid Chuseok and respect their ancestors during proudly conducted ceremonies. Actually, there are celebrations in each month of the year for every taste.

2. Rich history
South Korea has a long history going back finished a thousand years. Because of the natural isolation of the Korean Peninsula, the nation’s way of life hasn’t changed as much as in different regions. Still today, you can remain in wonder of the absolute significant cultural heritage sites of the nation, for example, Gyeongbokgung Palace, the main palace situated in Seoul. The city of Gyeongju is likewise a place of historic value and is regularly called a ‘museum without walls’. Gyeongju was the capital of Korea during the Silla Dynasty from 57 BC – 935 AD and is home to countless royal tombs, royal palaces, and temples that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

3. Throbbing society
Because of their long history, South Koreans have an assortment of customs they have kept alive throughout centuries. ‘still today individuals love to dress in in traditional clothes (hanbok) – you can lease it to wear around Seoul and Jeonju’, for instance. In Modern Seoul, you can still find traditional hanok house neighborhoods with lovely teahouses that have been in existence for decades. This blend of old and new is really Fun to Explore when traveling in South Korea.

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