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Travel Baja California Sur – Head to Los Cabos, Tijuana, and La Paz!

By Elena Piccini 

Baja California Sur, Mexico.. the land of adventures!

I could begin by saying that “a long long time ago, there was a land dominated by pirates, galleons and conquerors…” and you will picture in your head, adventure on the sea and ancient vessels floating on deep blue waters; the feeling of the wind on your skin and your heart full of freedom heading to rich lands of treasures would turn on the flame of adventure in your mind.

Well, let yourself be carried by your imagination because all this can happen in Baja California! Maybe not as a pirate, but as an adventurous tourist! Why am I telling you all this? Because this part of Mexico is one of the best to experience great and unforgettable moments!

The peninsula of Baja California is 781 miles long and its average width is 56 miles, which makes Baja California one of the largest peninsulas in the world.

This land of quiet, colorful deserts, endless beaches, unexplained rock formations, missions, gray whales, brilliant clear skies and unique people invites you to the unforgettable!
The whole of the peninsula consists of rugged and nearly uninhabited mountains.

The desert landscape is fascinating and the scenery is extremely beautiful. Most travelers find Baja a magical place of blue skies, fresh air and solitude.

What about Los Cabos Mexico?

Los Cabos, which means “the Capes”, comprises Cabo San Lucas, its sister town San Jose del Cabo located 20 miles away, and the Tourist Corridor in between, this area has become a second home for many visitors for the reason that it has luxurious and elegant world-class hotels and golf resorts.

Beachfront, on the side of a mountain, gated communities, whatever your preference, Los Cabos has many choices.

In the last ten years, Los Cabos has evolved from a sleepy hideaway for recluse fishermen, into one of Mexico’s most popular resort destinations.

It is here that the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortés, creating a rich marine ecosystem unparalleled in diversity and beauty. Fishing, diving, surfing, kayaking, and numerous other water sports activities magnetize avid outdoor enthusiasts from around the World.
At the southern tip of Baja’s wonderful peninsula lies Los Cabos, a resort Mecca blessed with an ideal climate!

San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas anchor the area’s resort strip.

Tijuana, the border city

Tijuana, the world’s most-visited border city, has everything you want in a Mexican vacation getaway, whether for a day trip, a weekend escape or as your gateway to the incredible Baja Peninsula.

Located at the northwest of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, just across the international border from the USA’s city of San Diego, is the municipality of Tijuana. Its strategic position, its many tourist attractions, and its well-known reputation for being the perfect place to cut loose, Tijuana enjoys more than 300,000 visitors, vacationers everyday.

La Paz the capital…

La Paz is one of the favorite beach areas for Mexican and foreign visitors. La Paz is the laid back capital of Baja California Sur, known for its stunning sunsets and beaches. The city is a perfect base from which to explore the magical surrounding landscape.

A city such as La Paz, with its pristine beaches, biologically diverse marine life, numerous tourist activities and breathtaking sunsets, can expect nothing less than thousands of tourists and visitors flocking its shores everyday.

Elena Piccini web content manager and Travel writer.

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