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Where to Visit in Latin America

When it comes to Latin America, there is no shortage of places to visit. Whether you want to head to Cuba, Mexico or Colombia, there are many great places to visit. Let’s discuss what makes these three places special.

Many people might be fearful to visit Cuba and for good reason. There is a communist regime in place which can be alarming. Once you get there you will realize that you do not get a vibe of this in the streets.

It can be worrisome that the Cuban locals are afraid to interact with foreigners. If they see police they will immediately stop communication with a foreigner. They are fearful of being accused of prostitution and drug dealing.

Getting a good meal in Cuba can be challenging. Make no mistake, there is some excellent cuisine there. Just make sure when choosing a restaurant that you pick one that is geared toward tourists.

All in all this is a safe country that strictly punishes crimes against tourists. It’s definitely a great place to visit.

As far as Mexico goes, it’s a very big country, so it’s important to choose which spot in Mexico you go to safely. Stay in the areas where there are tourists. This is something that can be said for most countries in Latin America.

A great option for a trip to Mexico is Cancun or Playa del Carmen. These are tourist areas and have all of the amenities that Americans are used to.

The all-inclusive resorts in Cancun are an incredible option. They give someone the opportunity to enjoy the beach, the weather and the hospitality the Mexicans bring to the table. If you are looking to explore more of Mexico, most of the resorts offer excursions where you can go do things like snorkeling, caving, zip lining and more, while still having the safety of being with fellow tourists and your tour guides.

When people think of traveling to Latin America, the first thing they think of probably is not Colombia. That said, there are many reasons to travel there. The capital city of Borgata is incredibly beautiful. The people are very warm and friendly and they are very welcoming to tourists.

There is incredible food there and then of course there is the coffee. Despite the violent past of Colombia, it’s a great spot to vacation to.

Then there are the women of Colombia. They are incredibly beautiful much like many of the women in Latin America. Sure, this option is geared toward men, but you will find it to be true.

These are just a few of the places to visit in Latin America. It’s a great idea to plan a trip there to see what there is to experience.

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